The Geneva Conference and Ho Chi Minh

The Geneva Conference of 1954 was held in 1954.  The participants were the Soviet Union, United States, France, United Kingdom, and China.  In the conference, the countries decided for Vietnam to have Elections to reunite the country after fighting the French, when their country was artificially split up in the French-Indochina War.  The war was won and the Vietnamese Leader "Ho Chi Minh" was honored greatly by the Vietnamese citizens and was considered a "War Hero" because of how well he managed the war, and beat the French.

"80% of the population in Vietnam would have voted for the Communist "Ho Chi Minh" over the Emperor Bảo Đại" Dwight Eisenhower, 1954.

America and South Vietnam knew that if the elections in Vietnam were held, then the Communist Ho Chi Minh would win the elections because the Vietnamese made Ho Chi Minh out as a really great leader and would do well leading the country.  Ho Chi Minh would unite the country with communism, and that was not what the United States wanted.  The elections were cancelled and would not be held.  The North Vietnamese though this was unfair and though that they were being cheated, and almost like they didn't have a decision to vote, or choose what their citizens wanted.
      America has always said that it supports free elections and democracy, but they refused to have elections in Vietnam when they were proposed.